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Fleas are tiny pests that can do more than just irritate your pet. Despite their miniscule size, they can cause big problems – for you and your furry loved one.

From minor skin irritations to much more severe medical problems like anemia due to blood loss from bites, severe skin irritations to allergic reactions, as well as various diseases transmitted by these tiny parasites, fleas can pose a serious problem for you and your pet.

To keep your pet comfortable and healthy, prevention is key. Today, there are a number of alternative methods to keep fleas off your pet and out of your home. Our caring and experienced veterinarians at Wellesley Animal Hospital can work with you to select the proper products and regimens to keep you, your pet, your family, and your home flea-free.

If fleas have already taken a stand on your pet and in your home, we can offer insight as to how to break the cycle and rid your life of these pests.

For more information, call our veterinary hospital in Wellesley, MA at (781) 332-5506. We also serve pets and their families in Wellesley, Weston, Natick and More!

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